Friends are a wonder of the world, they have your back when nobody else does. I have a friend and his name is James, he is a great, sincere friend and helps me in my time of need.

I look up to James ‘cause he is a mature young adult and also one of the most talented basketball player in our division. Wouldn’t you like to have the knowledge to understand what a friend is?? Look it up in the dictionary!

Stop, don’t look it up. The dictionary doesn’t know the true meaning of friends.

I hope you have a true friend because everybody deserves a true, reliable, trustworthy friend!!


The Armory is a great place to hang out

Some people don’t know what I’m talking about; let me describe it for you.

The Armory is a giant white building on Ash Street. It might look boring from the outside, but it’s actually a fun place to be. When you first walk in all you see is a door on the left and a door on the right and a basketball court in the front. The door to the left leads to the computer and game room the door to the right leads to the upstairs and downstairs and they do a lot of activities. All in all the Armory’s a fun place to be.

My life

My life is very interesting.

I live in a good environment. I have people that I can look up to and that keep me from going down the wrong path.

I use to get in trouble a lot but now I have calmed down.

I have more stuff to do in life then get in trouble.


The Hard Life

I’m in the streets.

It’s hard to survive out here when you got flying bullets at you. Some say I got a kid, some say I don’t. It’s crazy. Going some days without something to eat. It’s hard.

Crying every night before you go to sleep. Having people at your door trying taking you out the game.

That’s messed up when you have seven kids and 3,500 dollars in child support to pay. Man this is a little about my life.

Michael Richardson


To this day Spanish is growing throughout our nation. Spanish has spread through forty-nine* percent of the country. I believe that Spanish is better than English but others, like my mom, do not like how fast it’s spreading. She believes that if you live in America you should speak English. I have tried to learn Spanish out of school, but it is very hard, so instead I am going to sign up at school and be professionally taught.

*According to my teacher at Hickman.


Bounce the ball,

Shoot and swoosh,

Run down the court without a trip or fall,

Rebounds and picks,

Shoot the ball and hear it go swish.

Why I like to write

I like to write is because it’s the only time when I can relax and do what I like to do. Writing is something that’s easy too.

All you have to do is write something you think about or a story you want to make. As long as it’s what you want to write. You can also write when mad, sad happy or glad.

 And that why I like to write.